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About the Author

A Baltimore native who is a multi-faceted woman of God. She is a proud Christian, wife, author, entrepreneur, and mother of 2 beautiful daughters named Lyric And Harmony, along with three beautiful bonus daughters. Melody is a Certified Health And Wellness Coach, Certified Mental Health First Aider, Mentor, philanthropist, motivator and so much more. Her latest project is her non-profit organization called “Dedicated To Saving Lives Inc.” and to learn more about it visit dedicatedtosavinglives.org. She is passionate about fulfilling her purpose and empowering others to pursue theirs too. She thoroughly enjoys using multiple platforms to motivate others while spreading the love of Jesus.

About book

I wrote this book some years ago to empower my oldest daughter Lyric to help her overcome her fears. This book is about a girl that learns to face her fears and anxiety. Her mother (ME) encourages her to become a brave girl every step of the way as she tackles this journey called life. She’s so thankful to God and her loving supportive mom for helping her overcome her fears. This book is very relatable because so many children experience fear and anxiety on a day-to-day basis so this is a way to connect and empower other kids to be brave too. I finally gave birth to my very own book project! Also, I have a brave girl curriculum guide for any teachers/educators that they can use as a tool to teach in their classes.

Signed autographed copy can take up to 1-2 weeks to receive.

Big Announcement

Coming Fall 2023, presales available

I am excited to announce that I am a co-author in this amazing anthology. Joy 365 A Devotional For Joy Restoration.


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